Besides wanting that peach booty, our second most requested goal  is “I WANT ABZ!”

From our experience, seeing visible abs & achieving a toned stomach is one of the last things to take shape when losing body fat. We find a lot of people give up before reaching that goal of having abz! The thing is, if you persist & stick it out and keep training hard for just that little bit longer they will appear.

It is vital that if abs are your goal that you are doing the right training program and following the right nutrition plan!

We are all different, which means we are not always going to flourish on exactly the same program as perhaps a celebrity or your female “fitspo” model. One thing we believe to be A MUST DO is to invest in a 1:1 Session with a PT so that you can have your very own nutrition + workout plan tailored to your body, your fitness level & your goals.

The babes who have invested in a Goal Setting Session with us have really been able to take their results to the next level. It is important to train the mind + body daily PLUS eat the right foods for your body to thrive.


Cortisol is a hormone released in the body when stressed, mentally stressed + physically stressed. Cortisol will help your body to hold onto + create fat! AND YES it does go to your tummy, actually that seems to be one of its favourite places to go!

Our Head BB Coach Maddy comments, “I can push push push my body to its limits, working long hours & training like a beast BUT as soon as I am emotionally stressed… BOOM! I notice 2 things: bloating + increase in tummy fat”.

You can see how important it is to DESTRESS…. DAILY!


Doing endless crunches & loads of sit ups really isn’t going to give you visible abz. It will help to strengthen them which is VITAL but it won’t decrease that body fat anywhere near enough as the following training: HIIT, BOXING, KICKBOXING, MUAY THAI, BODYWEIGHT TRAINING & RUNNING! If your going to workout, don’t do a thousand crunches and waste your time, hit up these bad boy high intensity workouts & shred your way up to visible abz!


Well, at BIKINIBODS we firmly believe that you should 100% avoid eating toxic foods for your body & avoiding as many animals products as possible. We have a very unique way of ridding toxic foods from our clients diets individually. You’ll have to join our BB squad to find out how but here are a few tips we can offer:

1) GET OFF THE ALCOHOL: Not only does it shoot your calories through the roof therefore contributing to major weight gain, it is toxic for your body, poisons your system leaving you tired & sick (sometimes for days). It also causes you to become mentally drained, unmotivated & sometimes depressed!

2) AVOID as many animal products as possible and increase your intake of plant based products. We have specific plant based ebooks, juice ebooks and meal plans to make your transition ALOT easier!

3) We also have out specific Abz Ebook with our 5 Top Ab exercises free! Shoot us a message so we can send it to you!

Happy shredding everyone and remember Don’t Give Up!