For most people drinking water can seem like a chore!

The fact is that water is one of the most important factors for all aspects of keeping our body functioning in tip top condition. It’s so important that we prioritise our water consumption and set ourselves some targets every day.

Consuming more water is also vital for those of us use looking to lose body fat. Water assists our body on a cellular level to detoxify and mobilise fat storage for our body to metabolise.

Water is also vital for fluid recovery – especially after on of our HIIT or Muay Thai sessions. We estimate that we can easily lose up to 2 litres of water in sweat and exhalation during BB training. All this needs to be replaced!

Our tips for drinking more water include:

  • Try adding in some tasty BCAA’s for a better taste & to help your body recover faster after your workouts.
  • Adding in some fruit is a great idea too – it makes drinking water more enjoyable & tasty!

Our partners down at Nutrition Warehouse have a huge variety of BCAA’s & other awesome supps to help making drinking water easier.

Enjoy your day and remember to stay hydrated babes!