Ok babes! We know drinking water is good for us & that we need it to survive –


Do you really know how much better you will feel & look if you drink the right amount needed each day?


✓ Up to 60% of the human adult body is water

According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry:

✓Our brain and heart are composed of 73% water

✓ Our lungs are about 83% water

These symptoms can be signs of dehydration: Headaches, tiredness, sluggish, larthajic.

BUT did you know that not drinking enough water can affect your skin, eyes, weight, hair and nails too?

Staying hydrated is so important! So whether you drink warm water and lemon each morning, pop some BCAA’s in for recovery and flavour or find other ways to drink more water, the facts below will likely motivate you to boost your hydration.


✖ A C N E – Flushing out toxins with water may reduce breakouts

✖ P A I N F U L S U N B U R N – Hydration calms sunburn symptoms & restores a fatigued body

✖ B A G S U N D E R E Y E S – Dehydration weakens delicate eye skin, making bags more prominent

✖ D R Y, R E D N O S E – Staying hydrated in dry environments protects fragile nasal skin!

✖ L O N G E R H A N G O V E R S – Drinking water is thought to reduce hangover durations


✖ H E A L T H Y S C A L P – A flaky, itchy scalp is almost always a dry scalp, so drink up

✖ S T R O N G H A I R & N A I L S – Your body is composed primarily of water. Ditch dry & flaky for healthy & supple with 8 + glasses per day

✖ C L E A R, B R I G H T E Y E S – Dehydration reduces potassium & electrolyte levels which are key to moist eyes

✖ W E I G H T L O S S – Driking 2 cups of water 20 minutes before a meal is proven to help with weight loss

✖ S M O O T H, W R I N K L E – F R E E S K I N – Drinking more water improves the alasticity of the skin, preventing wrinkles

So there you have it chicks! So many awesome reasons to get that water in daily!

Our two tips that we love to use when drinking water i:

✖ BCAA’s or chopped fruit for flavouring

✖ Use a straw to get more in!

If your reaching for some H20 have a good skull & get it down!

S T A Y H Y D R A T E D!