“I’ve been doing B.B. since July last year and was hooked from day one. I’d never done all-female exercise and didn’t realise how empowering it would be. About 5 months in to my B.B. training I had to get a full meniscus repair in my knee over Christmas and was unable to train for two months. Enter the photo on the left. I remember being so shocked and thinking that couldn’t be me, but it was! I could only do upper body for the next 4 months but what changed in me was my dedication. I was at training six days a week and was committed to getting fit again and back to full strength. The photo on the right is me now. Happy to the very core of me. Is my body perfect? No. Should I cut out some of the food and alcohol? Yes. Am I stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been? Hell yes. And I’d take that over the perfect body any day.”
BB Babe, Libby 💛

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