“Hey Beautiful Beasts,

We just wanted to say thank you to all you lovely ladies! Aleena and I are both antisocial and awkward people, so to have you ladies think that we inspire you is just plain bizarre. Every single one of you are so encouraging and supportive that it’s a wonder that our names were the only ones mentioned on the trophy. BB is such a great community to be a part of and you guys prove that time and again.

Joyce – till this day, I’m scared to workout with you but love it when we do with you pushing and helping us with our technique (other than our amazing coaches!). So deserving to be a coach! It suits you.

Yas – Your kicks are a dream. Still don’t want to do pad work with you though hahaha jk. Kind of. Your dance moves, laughter and energy are legendary. Idk what we’ll do without it.

Maddie –So glad we got to know you cause whoever picks a fight with you better watch it! This girl gonna smack you out lol

Shelly, Rach, Fe, Candace, Kara, Lucy Q, MJ, Vanessa, Petra, Sherry, Nadia – You guys seriously kickass man! How you manage to still push through and smash out each workout while we slowly die next to you, I wouldn’t know. You’re all such amazing women.

All our BB team – you are all our motivators to come to our workouts, smash out our sessions with you and actually love being there.

Finally our coaches – Ladies seriously without you, Aleena and I will not be where we are now. You ladies are the definition of #fitnessgoals. The encouragement, drive, words of wisdom and laughs are the bonus values we all get from you. Thank you thank you thank you

See you ladies in class” ✨Via | Kent St Beautiful Beast

What an incredible woman and what an incredible community of women we have! It’s just a dream come true to see women building each other up and being so kind and gracious to one and other. I am so blessed to have you all in my life! Your amazing @vai_tai 🧸🌷 For the full video head on over to @bikinibods_academy


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