I decided to switch things up try out Bikini Bods and absolutely loved it straight away, ( YES IT WAS THAT MUCH FUN)

Soon after that I decided to join the gym for the 12 week challenge( first time ever doing a challenge) and It has been by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I set a goal to loose a few kilos and achieved it before the end of the challenge. I went from a size 12 in jeans to now a size 8 😱

I’m not only a few kilos ( 5kgs) lighter but Im also fitter, stronger and leaner then ever 💪🏾✊🏾, with still so much work to do 😉. I’m not only happy with the way I look, I’m also so much more confident

The B.B community is so encouraging,supportive and empowering. The coaches are amazing and do an awesome job at teaching, training/ pushing us ( in a nice way) to our maximum limit

I really didn’t know how much my body could handle till I join B.B. Having such supportive coaches made a huge difference to my fitness journey, honestly am so blessed to be trained by awesome chicks 🔥

BB has truly changed the way I view & perceive “ training” it’s not something I have to do it’s now something I truly want to do, I love it that much, it has become my favourite part of the day

I’ve gone from boot camps, to circuit training to group classes and normal everyday gym sessions and Bikini Bods is by far hands down the best gym I’ve ever joined

What an amazing testimony from this B.B. Babe, we loved reading this & hope this inspires all of our girls on their fitness journey

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