✨BB TRANSFORMATION ✨”I no longer suffer from anxiety”

✨Jen’s BB Journey so far✨

When I was at my lowest point in my life last year (suffering from anxiety & depression, bad eating habits and mood swings) my amazing sister Elle Patterson made me get out of bed and do a PT session with Maddy.

From that moment forward my life has changed dramatically!✨

I never thought I would love the feeling of being pushed past my comfort zone, would turn into a vegan (which I love❤️), get up at 5am most mornings to train, meet some amazing women& feel so strong!

However what I never thought I would do was go to Thailand to train Muay Thai for a week with the BB crew! I did it & it was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had!🌈🐠🌴☀️

The way I feel now mentally and physically is unbelievable and its only the beginning to an awesome future for me ✨

Thank you to all the BB Coaches and BikiniBods for everything! 🙌🏼

At the end of the day, Nothing happens until you move and only you can do that. I finally stopped waiting for someone or something else to make me happy! 😍

I no longer suffer from anxiety, I eat amazingly (most of the time 😉) and I feel fantastic!!

You will always have low days, but you have to just push on, do the best you can & make the next day a better day! ☺️😃

No one is perfect all the time and life will not be perfect all the time. 🙌🏼

Bring on 2017!! xxxx

BB Beautiful Beast, Jen P 🌈❤️🦁

Jen, we are so incredibly proud of all that you have achieved both physically and mentally 😄🌟. We have loved watching you grow into this gorgeous & strong BB beast and we are so happy to see you happy and loving training.

You’re right, not every day will be perfect and we ourselves are not perfect. Once we stop focusing on trying to be perfect or expecting life to just fall into place, we realise we have to move forward & take action to make things happen.

When we come across difficult times, we have to focus on the way forward and search for how we can make the situation better rather than falling to our knees and being negative. 👏🏼

Well done babe 🌸 xox



BB Academy Locations

Brookvale Academy  4/42 Wattle Rd, Brookvale, Sydney NSW 2100
E brookvale@bikinibods.com.au

North Sydney Academy 1B/211 Pacific Highway North Sydney
Sydney NSW 2060
E northsydney@bikinibods.com.au



Limited spots are available in both Academies. Once we sell out we will have no more spots available. Don’t miss out 😘

Book me in for the Brookvale Academy BB Challenge Click Here | Starts: 18th April 

Book me in for the North Sydney Academy BB Challenge Click Here | Starts: 8th May

We welcome women of all ages and fitness levels + No experience in Muay Thai kickboxing or boxing is necessary to join our squad 😻

For a free pass please visit www.bikinibods.com.au


We hope to see you soon!

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