Foam rolling has incredible benefits.

The four main ones being 👇🏼

1) Flushes out toxins and lactic acid in your muscles

2) Helps encourage blood flow in stubborn high fat areas therefore helping reduce cellulite


4) Improves power and training performance

If you are not foam rolling, YOU SHOULD BE Every day!

Please see the below link of how to foam roll!


This guy covers how to foam roll the calf, quad, inside of your leg and ITB which are the four main points that get smashed daily at BB.


Is your knee hurting? Typically, your ITB can be the issue when it comes to sore knees. When your ITB is tight, can pull your patella off track and put your entire knee off track when you train. Especially when squatting, kicking, running and doing burpees, it is so important to have the knees tracking correctly.


You can foam roll your lower back and your glutes. I highly recommend foam rolling your glutes daily in order to prevent a tight lower back and tight hips.

The foam roller in the video is the one I have and it is the best! Do not waste your time on a soft foam roller. If its soft, it won’t get into those muscles.


It is normal for you to experience extreme pain if you haven’t been foam rolling at all. As time goes by and you keep rolling, the pain will subside as the muscles will loosen.

Please remember to stretch out your muscles after foam rolling and drink lots of water to flush out the toxins.

Foam rolling or Physio? You can either do it yourself or pay a Physio $80-$100 to do it for you. Foam rolling will save you time, money and prevent injuries

If you do not have a foam roller, you can try a glen 20 can! I use this when I really want to dig in and release my muscles. The foam roller I have is hard, but as you use it more, your muscles will loosen, so you will need to keep stepping it up and using something harder.


It is really important to be stretching and massaging your piriformis muscle (massage with a hard ball) daily in order to prevent:

✨lower back pain

✨glute and hip pain

✨knee pain

The key is to keep massaging this muscle daily to prevent injuries throughout the body.

This muscle is predominately working hard when you are kicking with the opposite leg.

How many kicks do we do a day? Per week? How many squats and lunges do we do? A LOT 👊⚡️

Massaging this muscle and getting stuck into it with the massage ball daily will help prevent so many injuries in the hip, knee, and back.

Please see the video link below, demonstrating how to use the massage ball correctly 😃


This will also free up your hips so you can get more out of your workouts and kick higher 💪

You’ll see where the muscle is located below in your booty 🙏🏼

As you can see, it’s little, but it doesn’t mean it’s not going to cause major problems.

Get on to this daily girls 🙌🏼😍


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