“I have been training with Maddy & the girls at B.B. for just over 12 months now & still absolutely loving it!

For my whole life I have competed in sports at fairly high levels, but age & injuries started to take their toll. Although my body isn’t what it use to be, my competitive attitude hasn’t skipped a beat!

At B.B. you can train as hard as you like or at your own pace & walk out after a workout & feel amazing! When I first started I said to Maddy, “I’ll probably just come twice a week & incorporate B.B. with my other training…”, next thing I’m at B.B. eerrryday! The vibe in the gym, the coaches & all the girls I train with have made B.B. one of the dearest things to my heart! People say to me, “it’s just training…”, to me it’s so much more.

Thank you to Maddy & all the coaches & to all the girls who train, for making the amazing community we have!!! 

Train well Girls!!! Xx”

– Brookie Beautiful Beast, Alisha

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