“It all began when I went to Europe and home via Asia for 8 weeks. I put a total of 20kg’s on in such a small time. Then I got home and eventually got use to carrying the extra weight. I’m a rep and was doing my usual visit to stores and noticed a Store Manager transforming into a beautiful woman!  She was not only losing weight but her body was changing into an Athlete’s body, her skin was glowing and she was so open about her life and I admired her openness to life, the way she got through her hard times and her change in life. It was all due to Bikini Bods!!!

The Store Manager I am referring to was Jenna Patterson who is now a coach who works us hard! Jenna encouraged me to give Bikini Bods a go (I was hesitant having nearly 20 years on Jenna), anyway I was so fortunate as I heard there were another 2 ladies also thinking about giving Bikini Bods a go. Next thing I know I was meeting Leanne and Kez outside Bikini Bods gym to do our free trial. It was amazing as we all know and we joined up the following week.

I joined in my mid 40’s and found the first 6 months slow in weight loss even though my body was changing by the way my clothes were fitting, Then I read when starting to exercise in your 40’s it takes a while for your metabolism to kick in. I persevered and to my surprise after 6 months the weight started to fall off. I was encouraged the entire way by the most amazing coaches who push you in each class. Each coach has taught me something different; whether it is style, how to turn on my core (you forget after 2o years of no real exercise), how to breathe, a suggested diet and so many helpful hints along my journey.

Here I am now going into my sixth 12 week challenge and lost over 23kg. I have gone from a size 16 down to a 12 and feel I still have so much more to go. I look forward to my 5 classes each week and as I mentioned each coach brings encouragement aswell as all the regulars I train with each week. These ladies are amazing and I feel so blessed to train with them as we are like family!”

BB BABE, Leiza 💛

AMAZING! Leiza, we could not be more proud of you!! Well done beautiful. You are such an inspiration!! Love the BB Team! xo

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