Are you feeling bloated after certain meals but can’t seem to pin point what is creating the bloat?

Here is my BIGGEST tip to find out what the problem foods may be AND at the same time cleanse your entire system!



Consume blended juices only for 3 – 7 days to cleanse and reboot your digestive system!

This is the best way to cleanse your digestive pipes and give your tummy the clean slate it needs!

We highly suggest the 7 day detox as this will rapidly speed up weightless (not from lowering calories dramatically but rather cleaning out the unwanted waste) and give your metabolism the kick start it needs.

Fuelling your body with nothing but nutritious veggies and fruits will give you a huge supply of energy and allow you to turbo charge your Academy sessions!

Believe it or not, this will give you the biggest energy boost! At times we have seen some girls absolutely pumping it out at the Academy more than usual, and when we ask what pre-workout they are taking, they say ” Oh I am on the 7 day juice cleanse” 😂.


This cleans is about rebooting your system, not souls focusing on rapid weightless.

Often other cleanses will have you drinking juices with no pulp and will only give you a certain amount per day.

Our favourite 7 Day reboot cleanse will request you to blend your fruit + veggies in a Nutri bullet and consume the entire foods in the juice.

You also have no restrictions as to how much you can consume each day!


1) 70% Veges 30% Fruit
2) If and when you are hungry, have a juice!!
3) Stack up them veggies + fruit! Have your juices as thick as you desire!
4) Only blend with water

*You may have oxyshred once per day on the juice cleanse however nil is preferred!


We have a Juice Cleansing ebook available for our BB Babes!


Please look up for more juicing inspiration and recipes! He has a great doco on Netflix called “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”. We highly recommend watching!!


After your 7 day meal plan, you can start to bring back in your main meals!

Take note of what you eat that first week. If you feel bloated within a few hours of eating or the next morning after dinner, there are foods in your last meal that are toxic to your system!

Take note of these meals. Start taking one element out at a time and see how you feel after eating the meals. Continue to do so until the bloating is gone.


You can download the “eat right for your blood type” app and this will simply tell you what fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds are good/bad for you!

This is the best way to eliminate toxic foods from your system!

I hope you found this Detox Tip useful ❤️💪🏼

Lots of love, Maddy xo

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