Who is ready to build their peaches and abs!

If you want to build that peach, tone that booty and work those Abz, then you have to get on this!

Last round we got some seriously amazing results with lots of BB girls, so we are excited and ready to turn it up this challenge with you gals.
🏁What do you need: BB BOOTY BANDS
🏁 Workout Video: This comes free with your Booty Bands – $49.95 with after pay available
🏁Where can you buy theses? In the academy or online: http://opfgcb.sitedemo.com.au/product/booty-bands/
How does this challenge work?
Your goal is to complete each exercise conducted in the video attached once per day for 30 days. Head Coach Maddy & Founder of BIKINI BODS has shown you how to perform each exercise in the Challenge Video and how many reps of each exercise to complete in the video.
For best results, this challenge works best when accompanied by our healthy and nutritious meal plans!
We would LOVE to see your booty challenge videos and photos so be sure to add us on Instagram!
Don’t forget to take clear before and after photos so you can see your progress. It is best to get 3 photos -> front, side and back. It is best to take your pics in natural light.
Please either hold your booty bands in their mesh bag next to you when taking photos or print off the pic attached (A4 size) and hold next to you. This is so you can see your progress clearly.
We would love you to send us your before and after photo’s once you have finished the challenge!! Enquiries@opfgcb.sitedemo.com.au
Click here to grab your booty bands or purchase them at the academies so you can start the challenge!
To get started on your challenge, please click on the link below and enter in your private password
PASSWORD -> Once you purchase your Booty Bands we will email you the password!
CHALLENGE VIDEO -> https://vimeo.com/287872183
Please make sure you warm up for 5-7 minutes before starting your challenge each day and be sure to stretch after each session.
A great warm up can include dynamic stretches, skipping, light squats or a jog around the block.
Good luck ladies & let’s crush those goals! xxx Lots of love 🍑🦁😍

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