Check out this amazing beautiful beasts!!Hard work pays off 👊🏼✨

“Hey guys just wanted to share this photo with you! The left photo I took when I first started bikini bods in Jan 2017, I was 63kgs and couldn’t even do 1 normal push up! Haha – the second photo was taken today and I’m 63kgs!

Crazy to think I’m the same weight in both photos.

I haven’t lost much weight but I’m 1000x stronger, healthier & happier.

Thank you guys so much for all your support!

I didn’t want to post this for everyone to see but just thought I’d share with you all how grateful I am 🤗🤗”

We are so proud of you hunny! Well done on your amazing results 🙏🏼💪🏼👏🏼⚡ @bikinibods_brookvale

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