I have been planning for the arrival of these babies since I had blonde hair back in Beverly Hills 💫💪🏼

Say goodbye to uncomfortable rubber glute bands that pinch your skin and say hello to our super comfortable, adjustable BOOTY BANDS💛

Our booty bands come with 4 resistance bands that can create 16 different resistance levels!

The inside of your booty bands are padded and soft to make growing that peach as comfortable as possible.

Your booty bands come packed in a cute little mesh bag so that you can keep all of your bands safe and sound.

I am so excited to launch our brand new BOOTY BANDS along with our upcoming 30 day Booty challenge. 👊🏼

Brand new online 30 day Booty challenges start 3rd September!

The 30 day Booty challenge comes free with all Booty Band purchases AND we have a free ab workout included ⚡️

We’re so in love with these, we cannot wait to wear them tomorrow at B.B. 👏🏼

Click on this link ladies to grab your pink or blue booty bands

Limited amounts available 👀😱

Click on the button below to shop booty bands! 


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