You’ll be burning off those Easter eggs in no time with this pass!

*This pass will activate on Tuesday the 23rd of April 

Who can grab a $10 unlimited 10 day pass?

1) Someone who has never tried BB before

2) Someone who hasn’t used a free week pass in the last 4 months

3) An existing BB babe who we haven’t seen in 4 months!

How to download your $10 unlimited 10 day pass:

1) Download our bikini bods app

2) Log in and create an account

3) Select the class schedule tab on the left hand side, click on a class (Tuesday 23rd) that you would like to start with!

4) The $10 pass option should appear! You can now schedule ahead and book in your sessions!

Can’t choose the $10 pass option for some reason?

Click on the email below and we will set it up! 

See you soon babes!

🐰⚡️🤛🏼 xx

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