Brookvale Academy Beautiful Beast

“The photo on the left was taken 3 weeks in to my 12 week challenge 3-4kg down already But as you can see I’m wearing my tights as I’ve always hated how big my quads are.
The photo on the right is at the end of my 12 week challenge 11 kg down and loving life!
It may look like no changes. But to myself I feel 10x more confident and 10x fitter the amount of muscle that I have gained in this challenge I am beyond happy!

I currently weigh 58kg! I’ve never weighed anything lower that 65kg. Before I started this challenge I weighed about 71kg, had no muscle in my upper body (only bottom half). I’ve changed my diet, I train 6 days a week and smash it out! Now I’m starting my fit and toned journey! In my next 12 week challenge I’m going to focus on turning my 25% body fat (14kg in my body) to 20%. Can’t thank the @bikinibods_academy@misscox_bikinibods @rubymcmullen@michaela_bikinibods_coach@missportela_bikinibods @jeskatito And my 2 besties @mickeyy06 @kalinaxbreezy for pushing me and being there for me throughout the pain and gain! Lesgooo round 2!”

Get in touch for a $10 unlimited pass and start your 12 week challenge with us next week: enquiries@opfgcb.sitedemo.com.au


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