Up until 2 years ago I could get away with eating pizza, McDonald’s and not gaining weight – lucky me! Then the 20s weight gain hit me.
Since then I’ve been in a love-hate relationship with the gym and food – taking diet pills, doing the teatox diets and going to group gym classes for 2 weeks then dropping out.
This past year the extra weight really started to pile on. I felt uncomfortable wearing bikinis so would only wear one pieces and I hated my boyfriend seeing me without clothes on. Something needed to change!
I’d always walk past the North Sydney BB academy and see the girls boxing which was so intriguing. I kept wanting to join but felt a little intimidated. Eventually I did a week trial with my colleague and we loved it so much!
A few things I’ve done in the last 3 months:
– I started off doing 3 BB classes (HIIT KB, KO and Muay Thai) plus a spin and/or weights class at another gym I was part of
– Now I will do 5 BB sessions ( x2 HIIT KB, x2 Muay Thai and 1 KO)
– Started using myfitnesspal again to track my calories and macros
– Walk 30 mins to and from work each day (approx 7000 steps) for the past 2 months
– I’ve replaced snacks for healthier options (fruit and protein balls) and made sure I prep meals ahead to avoid buying lunch. I’ve also cut down on cheese.
– Tried to stick to my calories during the week (eating slightly less so I can afford to treat myself at the weekend)
I had a couple of week off on holiday and there were definitely a few weeks where I didn’t 100% stick to healthy eating. Now that I’ve upgraded to 5 sessions per week I’m so excited to see what else I can achieve!
love Bina | North Sydney Academy

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