Your 12 week Challenge

At Bikini Bods, we pride ourselves on creating a powerful and highly motivating group-training environment every single day of the week.


We’ve taken the phrase, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ to heart and have crafted our challenge around it to ensure your goals – short and long term – are not only met but smashed. Ringing in at 12 weeks, our program is the perfect length whether you’re brand spankin’ new or a seasoned #BeautifulBeast. You might even say the ‘oomph’ factor is our speciality.


Aside from the guidance of our dedicated coaches, our 12-week challenge is packed with nutrition guides – the yummy variety – online support and wellness seminars.


Essentially, BB training is in a league of its own and your journey is far from over once you step off the mat.


We’re in it for the long haul, 12 weeks at a time.

How does the challenge work?

Once you’ve selected the package that suits you, simply book your desired classes via the Bikini Bods or Mind Body Apps, rock up at the appointed time – with a little wiggle room if you’re a newbie – and prepare for a killer workout.


When we roll out a challenge we know it’s an opportunity to reset your focus, put some pep in your step and if you’re green, get you across the BB basics.


We host a complimentary health and fitness seminar at the beginning of every challenge to set you up for success. You’ll meet some of the gals you’ll be training with, plan your goals and learn how to give your bod the nutrition it deserves.


From there, it’s all systems go, running through the full gamut of Muay Thai, Muay Thai Conditioning, K.O. Muay Thai and Abs + Core + Booty classes until Week 12 rolls around and we gear up for the next challenge.


Packages are detailed below so what are you waiting for? Scroll, scroll, scroll!

Health + Fitness Seminar

Motivated? Ready to slay your challenge but need a little more to light your fire? That’s where our health and fitness seminar comes in.


Ideal for new babes and existing #BeautifulBeasts, our seminar is inspiring with a capital ‘I’ and packed with all the guidance and knowledge of our coaches, founders and a slew of industry professionals. No seminar is the same – we’re always bursting with new opportunities – but there are a few key elements:

Goal Setting and Positivity Training

Put pen to paper and punch out what you want to do and who you want to be for the next 12 weeks – and beyond! We’ll guide you through not only the nuts and bolts of your goals but teach you how to cultivate the mindset that’ll drive you there.

Food Education

Know your apples from your oranges but keen for more? Our coaches will take you through the dos, don’ts and benefits of a plant-based diet – with plenty of recipes and none of the dribble-drabble.

Equipment Shop

Need to stock up on gear? Our seminar is the perfect place to get the low-down on what you need to not only do Muay Thai correctly – hint: boxing gloves help – but safely. Our BB-branded apparel has been designed with female boxers in mind so we know you’ll love it.

Goodie Bags

BB newbies will receive a free ‘Bikini Bods’ tank top at our seminar but don’t worry if you been around our block a few times, we provide all attendees with a goodie bag packed with health and wellness vouchers, opportunities from our partners and more!

We want to make the personal training experience available to you for an affordable group training price. We have created the ultimate personal training experience in a group training package.

your wellness seminar also includes:



Setting realistic goals & how to track them correctly.



You can track your results with measurements & photos with our coaches at the seminar! Dexa scans are also recommended!



Get educated on your food! Learn why we suggest plant based nutrition to be the best thing for your health, your results & your family!



Learn how to cook simple & yummy foods, taste testing & receive new recipes.



Making healthy food choices, Juicing to reboot + detox & eliminating toxic foods.



Learning the basic Muay Thai movements! Watch Head Coach Maddy train Muay Thai with our BB Sensei. We will teach you how to kick, knee, elbow and punch correctly.



All our members receive a free tank top when they join!



Receive our 10 Top Tips on how to increase positivity into your every day life & eliminate toxic and negative thoughts.



Boxing Gloves & Clothing Available for purchase.



Receive a health, wellness and beauty goodie bag. We cant wait for you to see all the goodies we have for you!



Receive free nutrition, workout + juices cleansing ebooks. Meal plans available via shop.



We will have some awesome beats playing at our seminar event & some delicious food to taste test.

Bikini Bods is more than just group training classes. All our coaches are master certified personal trainers and are available for one on one training sessions. Our coaches are all female and specialise in training the female body and body transformations. We can help you set goals, perfect technique in all exercise movements and give you and amazing workout!

Our coaches can help you manage and work around any injuries and provide you with customised workout and nutrition plans specific to your body. Along with the physical aspect, we also believe a good coach should be there to support you mentally – especially when you are starting out on your fitness journey! In all our personal training and goal setting sessions we also cover positive thinking, motivation and mindset training