“Over 15 months ago I started following B.B. online and watching the video’s and desperately wanted to join, but I was so hesitant as I thought everybody would be so much younger and fitter than me.

I had always been able to lose weight easily until menopause hit. I was growing bigger by the day and could not lose weight even though I was going to the gym daily. Nothing worked so I had to try something different. So I finally took the plunge and joined Bikinibods at the end of October, 2017.

So far I have:
– lost over 12 kilos; lost 7% body fat; visceral fat is now normal; BMI is now normal; fat mass is now normal; I am no longer an 🍎 shape and my fitness level has increased so much. But most importantly I am no longer in the ‘at risk’ health category.

I am not back to my pre-menopause body yet but definitely on the way thanks to B.B. It has been a slower process for me as I had 10 weeks overseas and the Christmas break where I was not at all strict with my diet. But I really noticed the changes during the last 12-week challenge.

I am now addicted to B.B. Not just the training which I love (and it works) but it is the wonderful friends that I have made and the most awesome coaches. All my worries were for nothing as nobody cares about your age or your fitness level. Everybody was just so encouraging and friendly. It truly is the most amazing environment.

I absolutely love B.B. ❤️❤️ (which helps at 4:30am on these winter mornings when I am travelling from Terrigal to North Sydney)

Thank you to the B.B. family xxx”

WOW! Carole, we could not be more proud of you!! Well done beautiful. You are such an inspiration!! Love the BB Team! xo


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