I’m Wendy (if we haven’t met yet), and today I’m the happiest & healthiest version of myself – and also super proud BB Coach! Health is not about the weight you lose, but about the life you gain.” The hardest part is always to get started! There are a million excuses we can find to […]



HEY, I’m Keely and I’m a BikiniBods Coach! I am also a full time Event Manager working for a small Sydney based company that specialises in organising and running Film Premieres. I have a Bachelor of Business Administration and an Associate Degree in Event Management. I first joined BikiniBods as a client wanting to become […]



My name is Jess and I’m one of the trainers at BIKINIBODS. I am a Master Trainer and I specialise in Muay Thai, Boxing, HIIT and healthy plant based nutrition and cooking! I started off training with Maddy a couple of years ago and then I found a true passion in not only training as […]



My name is Maddy and I am the Head Coach & Founder of BIKINIBODS. I specialize in boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, HIIT, Strength and Functional Training. I believe my destiny and purpose in life is to help strengthen women physically and mentally so you can go out into the world with a strong and positive […]