🔥 Being over 40 is the best time to join 🔥

Being over 40 is the best time to join

Being over 40 is the best time to join. It’s about you and resetting your goals as you get older. Just coz you’re 40 plus doesn’t mean your days and numbered…. it means your days are more precious and life begins at 40, 50 and 60! You need to get active (with doctors go ahead) […]

🔥”So so so amazed with my results!!” 🌟

So so so amazed with my results!!

“Saw your post about results and I am just so so so amazed with my results !! I’ve trained a year with B.B. although I don’t have a complete full length I literally found my phone from last year and put this together just to see the results I had achieved … I can’t thank […]

⚡️”Happy to the very core of me” 💛

Happy to the very core of me

“I’ve been doing B.B. since July last year and was hooked from day one. I’d never done all-female exercise and didn’t realise how empowering it would be. About 5 months in to my B.B. training I had to get a full meniscus repair in my knee over Christmas and was unable to train for two […]

⭐️”Sixth 12 week challenge & 23kg down!” 👏

Sixth 12 week challenge & 23kg down!

“It all began when I went to Europe and home via Asia for 8 weeks. I put a total of 20kg’s on in such a small time. Then I got home and eventually got use to carrying the extra weight. I’m a rep and was doing my usual visit to stores and noticed a Store […]

👏🏼”12 KILOS DOWN!”⭐️


“Over 15 months ago I started following B.B. online and watching the video’s and desperately wanted to join, but I was so hesitant as I thought everybody would be so much younger and fitter than me. I had always been able to lose weight easily until menopause hit. I was growing bigger by the day […]

💛”Crazy to think I’m the same weight in both photos”💪🏼

Crazy to think I’m the same weight in both photos

Check out this amazing beautiful beasts!!Hard work pays off 👊🏼✨ “Hey guys just wanted to share this photo with you! The left photo I took when I first started bikini bods in Jan 2017, I was 63kgs and couldn’t even do 1 normal push up! Haha – the second photo was taken today and I’m […]

✨”Absolutely loved it straight away”✨

Absolutely loved it straight away

I decided to switch things up try out Bikini Bods and absolutely loved it straight away, ( YES IT WAS THAT MUCH FUN) Soon after that I decided to join the gym for the 12 week challenge( first time ever doing a challenge) and It has been by far one of the best decisions I’ve […]

💛”I wake up every day so excited about life”💪🏼

I wake up every day so excited about life

JESS, BEAUTIFUL BEAST (NOW A COACH!) “I’m so excited to represent Bikini bods as a Coach. I didn’t realize how strong my passion for this industry was until a couple of months ago when I decided I wanted to do my master trainer course to get my Cert 3 and 4 in fitness and then […]

🌴”BB has changed my life”⭐️

BB has changed my life

HANNAH, MUM OF 2, FULL-TIME WORKER, BEAUTIFUL BEAST “Smashing it out BB this morning for my 5th training session of the week. I look at this photo and despite the weight loss of 13 kilos and the major mental transformation, still, manage to spot the faults. Regardless, BB has changed my life, I’m brighter, more positive […]

⭐️”I love it so much (never thought I would say that)”👏🏼

I love it so much (never thought I would say that)

ELLE, BEAUTIFUL BEAST “I have had everything under the sun; budging disk, eating disorders & absolutely no confidence. I never really had any confidence that I would lose this weight ever but since I have started I have lost 10kg which I still can’t believe, I still have a bit to lose but this is […]