We have found that the combination of HIIT, boxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing are getting amazing results for women’s bodies AND their minds! We are so proud to have defined and perfected an entire training system that we believe is THE BEST for achieving amazing results in women’s lives!

We are so blessed and grateful to every single woman who has ever trained with Bikini Bods and supported the dream. You allow us to continue training, motivating and helping women change their lives for the better!

Muay Thai

A form of martial arts originating in Thailand, Muay Thai involves upper and lower body movements such as kicks, elbows and punches. It’s a hell of a workout, pushing the boundaries of both cardio and strength, and is the fire behind what makes our classes so damn good.


A 45-minute session of BB Muay Thai involves bag work and unique combinations of strikes such as crosses, jabs, hooks, bodyrips as well as traditional Muay Thai kicks, knees and elbows.


Don’t worry if you’re fresh to boxing, we’re sticklers for technique so will also make sure you’re conducting each move safely and correctly – we don’t want you jibbing when you’re supposed to be jabbing.

Core + Abs + Booty

There’s so much more to Muay Thai than simply throwing a punch or kick.


At BB, we’re dedicated to ensuring your body can execute these moves at the very best level. Our Core + Abs + Booty classes focus on function and strength using torsion bars, TRX, kettle bells, slam balls, box jumps and BB Booty Bands to focus on three key areas, grow your form and peach-ify that booty.


One of our more varying classes, Core + Abs + Booty can take you anywhere from weighted squats and kettle bells swings one day to an intense burpee competition to the next. And crazy thing is, you’ll actually love it.

K.O. Muay Thai

Like the sound of our Muay Thai classes but keen to embrace the combat side of the sport? K.O Muay Thai is a step above, emphasising partner work, taking turns to strike or block with Thai pads and kick shields. We credit K.O as our powerhouse class that ensures our students never know the meaning of the words ‘fitness plateau’.


A calorie burner and a half, K.O Muay Thai is intense, but oh-so rewarding. You’ll get up close and personal with some of the familiar faces at the academy and seriously consider applying for action movie roles once you’re done. No really. Is there a new Charlie’s Angels happening ‘cause we’re ready.

Muay Thai Conditioning

Muay Thai Conditioning takes the best parts our classes, folding them together to promote muscular endurance and, you guessed it, conditioning. Prepare to tackle everything from boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, bodyweight training, TRX and torsion bar training; this one’s a sweat maker.


A whole body, HIIT workout, Muay Thai Conditioning ticks all the boxes, promoting cardiovascular health, muscle development and endurance. There’ll be sweat, there’ll be smiles and you’ll walk out feeling just a little more powerful than before.

Tracking Your Progress

Feeling the burn but want to put some numbers behind your efforts? We offer everyone who trains with us the opportunity to opt in to the Myzone system.


Our favourite accountability tool, Myzone measures heart rate, calories and ‘effort’ percentage, presented in real-time to our screens. You’ll be able to put data behind your sessions and, trust us on this, strive to ‘hit the red’ aka 90 per cent or above, as much as possible.


Myzone is motivating, user intuitive, easy to wear and allows you to not only track your results but actively engage with your workout on a deeper level. Win!