What does it mean if you achieve 500 something calories in 40-45 minutes?
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Well yes, it means your working BLOODY HARD but what does it mean for your results ?
To reach 500 something cals in a 40-45 minute time frame really puts you into an anaerobic state.
Anaerobic: Anaerobic exercise is a physical exercise intense enough to cause lactate to form. It is used by athletes in non-endurance sports to promote strength, speed and power and by body builders to build muscle mass.
Bikini Bods is built around Anaerobic exercise programs that will help you to burn fat for hours and hours after.
Though the above says “non-endurance” Sports, We have spoken to countless women who have said that after 12 weeks at bb they can run 10+ km! So our training will benefit your endurance game 🧨
Training in our sessions, providing you are gunning it and aiming for your targeted calories and effort percentage, you will burn fat for hours and hours after AND build lean muscle.
So you have to ask yourself? Would you rather train in a high intensity manner for 45 minutes and have hours and hours of fat burn to follow, or go 70% and really only burn the calories you burn at the time ?
If you are seeing results like green and blue, with some yellow, you are not working in the anaerobic state. Your percentage must show high yellow percentages, with the best being red! But aiming for your 500 calories in your 40-45 min sessions should put you right up there!
There is no substitute for hard work here ladies. This training style allows you to eat more freely and see results faster.
How do you know if you are in this anaerobic zone? If you are guessing, then you most likely need to get a myzone and stop the guessing game 🧨🧨
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For those of you that have a myzone, get the whip out and start cracking it ⚡️
My myzones broken🤔😳? No it’s not! You have to work hard ladies and push the boundaries. There is no substitute for hard work.
If you are standing there and are able to even ask the question without being out of breathe severely, it is definitely, not broken 🤛🏼🤛🏼
Get on the 500 club and watch even more amazing results unfold.
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