HEY, I’m Keely and I’m a BikiniBods Coach!

I am also a full time Event Manager working for a small Sydney based company that specialises in organising and running Film Premieres. I have a Bachelor of Business Administration and an Associate Degree in Event Management. I first joined BikiniBods as a client wanting to become fit and healthy and loose weight for my wedding. I soon became extremely passionate about health and fitness and the way that it can change people’s lives.


BikiniBods gives women the chance to become the best version of themselves both mentally and physically, in an incredibly supportive environment. Muay Thai/ kickboxing is the key to BikiniBods individuality in the fitness industry. It gives women the opportunity to take part in high intensity, full body workouts and to try something that they have never done before. It doesn’t matter if you are doing your first class ever or have been doing it for years, Muay Thai never gets boring, no workout is the same and you are constantly learning new techniques and skills. I am so honoured to be a coach for BikiniBods and to be apart of such an incredible group of women. We truly are a family that any one is welcome to join. I cannot wait for the future of BikiniBods and am so excited to watch many more women achieve their goals and become happier, healthier versions of themselves… and to kick some butt along the way!


Keely xx

“She has seen me at my worst, weight and mind. There was never judgement, there was always support, no questions asked. Always wanting what was best for me, and being that one stable thing to look forward to that few times a week. Not only has she been a trainer but she’s been an amazing friend.


The one thing I have learnt throughout this journey is that having a healthy mind equals a healthy body. The love and support this group has given is amazing, through all the ups and downs.


I can always count on these babes.”


– Margz Fenwick

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