It is so important to eat the right foods when it comes to achieving your goals and feeling energised on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there are so many different diet plans and pills to take, how do we know what works and what is right for us?


At Bikinibods we have created a super easy nutrition plan for you to follow that will allow you to:


Cleanse your body from the inside out with our Detoxifying Juice Cleansing Ebook. This will allow your body to cleanse your system of toxins, reduce any bloating you may have & get the bounce back in your step.

Lose unwanted body fat & build lean muscle

We will help your body to rid the unwanted body fat & build feminine lean muscle by recommending our Plant Based ebook! Choosing a plant based eating plan means your body will finally get all the nutrients, fibre & vitamins it constantly craves whilst detoxing from harmful high fat & toxic foods! Our E-book is filled with yummy burrito bowls & wraps, plant based schnitzels and sausages dishes, delicious stir fry’s, plant based lasagnas, dairy free choc chip brownies, pancakes, healthy cookies, raw deserts and more!

Building Fitness & Increasing Energy

Fueling your body with the right foods will allow you to function with more energy & allow you to put maximum effort into your training sessions! Maximum effort = high fat burn! Say goodbye to feeling tired, frumpy & sluggish!