Our team is dedicated to helping you live your best life! We are here to support you throughout your fitness journey. Our goal is to make it as fun & enjoyable as possible! You will receive nothing but 100% encouragement, motivation & dedication. Our coaches will teach you how to do all functional & strength exercises (with correct form) as well as ensure correct technique for all kicks, elbows, knees & punches.

Our female coaches have been trained by MMA fighters, Taekwondo Masters & Muay Thai Champions and have all trained in Thailand. We welcome you into a happy, encouraging & positive community where you will be uplifted and make new friends. Our coaches are all female and specialise in building lean muscle, increasing fitness & reducing body fat specifically for the female body. We get you!

“She has seen me at my worst, weight and mind. There was never judgement, there was always support, no questions asked. Always wanting what was best for me, and being that one stable thing to look forward to that few times a week. Not only has she been a trainer but she’s been an amazing friend.


The one thing I have learnt throughout this journey is that having a healthy mind equals a healthy body. The love and support this group has given is amazing, through all the ups and downs.


I can always count on these babes.”


– Margz Fenwick