When doing boxing and kickboxing you are going to be utilising your rotator cuff and deltoids A LOT!

We need to really ensure that we are looking after them on a regular basis and if we don’t, we can experience rotator cuff injuries. 

Rotator cuff injury symptoms: major or minor pain such as aching at night or in bed, dull constant aching from your shoulder down to your bicep, weakness when lifting/rotating or even crackling sensation when used in certain movements.💪

Please see below a demonstration video on some exercise to do using a theraband, which will activate and strengthen the rotator cuff. 

We recommend using a light to medium band to purely work the rotator cuff muscle which is located under your deltoids. If you use strong therabands your deltoids will begin to take over, therefore, you will not be contracting or strengthening your rotator cuffs.

Recommended reps: once you feel the burn inside your shoulder continue on for another 7-10 reps. As the video states please do this slow and controlled.

Please see attached some stretches that should be done after each training session at home or in the academy.😄


We hope you find this helpful!

Love the BB Team


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