🔥Need a plan tailored to you? For $49.95 I can put together a tailored plan for you online!
Check out the pic attached! I achieved this in 49 days with my training and nutrition methods that I tailored to my goals and body type! I want to help you kick ass with your goals too!💥🤛🏼
Left 👉🏼26th Jan
Right 👉🏼 14th March
🏁Click here to answer questions that I need to know in order to create your plan: https://bikinibods.typeform.com/to/htQ5Qu
What can you achieve in 49 days? Let’s see!
📝What will you receive:
📍Toxic food list to avoid: Toxic foods promote weight gain, fatigue, bloating, negativity and brain fog!
📍Energising food list: There are certain foods for your body type that will give you amazing energy to last the working day and smash out training! These foods will super charge your mind, body & soul. These foods will assist digestion, fat loss, muscle building and prevent bloating!
📍Training Plan and Targets: It is important to have a set training plan tailored to you and your training type. Based off your natural athletic ability, there is a very specific way that you need to train. You need to know how to train your body best in order to get the results you want, I can show you how from my 11 years of experience in the fitness industry!
📍I will examine your goals and put together a plan for you based on your goals.
📍Mindset Goals: To be in the best shape mentally and physically, we need to work that mind muscle!
If you would like to start making progress, please click on the link which will take you to a survey where I can get to know you more and create your plan: https://bikinibods.typeform.com/to/htQ5Qu
💛 xx

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