We are so pumped to have this beautiful beast join the coaching squad! BUT DON’T FREAK OUT when you see her throwing chicks out of speed boats on her instagram for fun! She performs stunts for film and television too!! (But just to be safe, make sure when she tells you to hit that red zone, you best be hitting that red zone 😂)

Please welcome Tarah to the BB Coaching Squad!



Training had been a big part of my life forever, I grew up dancing, competing in dance from the age of 5.. my talents / skill/ obsessions have always been that of a physical nature, dance turned into a love for the gym, becoming a personal trainer was a no brainer… then somehow around 4 years ago I found myself going to Thailand solo to try Muay Thai- here’s where the obsession started!!! Since then every year I’ve taken two months or more out of life to indulge in nothing but humidity, sweat and sweet sweet combo’s! 

I love the empowering feeling I get from Muay Thai, there’s nothing like it! I also love seeing how far I’ve come, and helping others reach their goals and better their

I was super proud when I became a PT, but nothing has made me prouder than being welcomed into the BB family, since the very first time I walked into the gym it felt like home and I was eager to get to know the ins and outs of this place. And now being welcomed as part of the team I can’t wait to grow teach and learn with all of its beautiful members and coaches alike ❤️🙏🏽🔥🥊

Side note and probably worth mentioning don’t freak out if you see me flipping chicks out of speed boats, occasionally getting hit by a car, or anything of this nature .. I’m also training & performing stunts for film & television 

Instagram: @tarahjulie

Academies: Brookvale, Kent ST City 

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