I’m Wendy (if we haven’t met yet), and today I’m the happiest & healthiest version of myself – and also super proud BB Coach!

“Health is not about the weight you lose, but about the life you gain.”


The hardest part is always to get started! There are a million excuses we can find to avoid getting out of our comfort zone, but it is so worth it giving it a go! Like they say, if you never try, you’ll never know!


Nearly two years, ago I saw the BB girls training on the beach and I was very impressed! I hesitated some time as I was very shy and lacking confidence, and finally messaged Maddy! My fitness activity was nearly nonexistent, and I was only interested in eating and sleeping!


I wasn’t unhappy but I knew I needed a positive change. I never ran in my whole life and was very uncomfortable with my body. I am now training up to 7 times a week, (including a 10k run, PT and 5 Muay Thai HIIT training) and absolutely loving it! I can say that I have created my healthy balanced lifestyle with BikiniBods! This is now part of my me, a passion that is making me feel complete and that have brought Dedication in my life.


My hair, my skin, my mind, my body, everything feels great! I can’t be thankful enough towards the BB coaches and amazing ladies I share the workouts with everyday! I have lost 14kg and dropped 17% bodyfat !


Training with BikiniBods has brought me real amazing friends, health, energy, and an even bigger smile! And least but not last, Abz!!! haha! I had no pressure, no short term goal, and I just tried it. And little by little I built a lifestyle that matches my personality!


NUTRITION AND DEDICATION TO TRAINING. I finally nourished my body and looked after it. This is now a passion, I am so keen to learn more and more every day and share it with you all!

I can’t wait to help you ladies reach your health, fitness and happiness goal! I am so happy and proud to be a BB COACH and can’t wait to train all the Beautiful Beasts!


“Do what you love and you will never have to work another day in your life!”

If I can be of any help please feel free to talk to me, I’d love to share with you anything about my fitness journey or any tips you might want to know! Or even if you need a little push, I do love pushing. I really love cooking too, I have lots of easy plant based recipes, juices and smoothies too.


Oh, I was about to forget! Forgive my French accent, I really don’t mind repeating if you don’t understand me!


Wendy xx

BB Coach, Athlete & Beautiful Beast

“She has seen me at my worst, weight and mind. There was never judgement, there was always support, no questions asked. Always wanting what was best for me, and being that one stable thing to look forward to that few times a week. Not only has she been a trainer but she’s been an amazing friend.


The one thing I have learnt throughout this journey is that having a healthy mind equals a healthy body. The love and support this group has given is amazing, through all the ups and downs.


I can always count on these babes.”


– Margz Fenwick

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